Video testimonials from clients

Carpathian farmer is a startup of two partners who have decided that they want to sell healthy foods sourced from local vendors. They originated in Ilava, where they set up their first store, which lacked visibility. See how one of the owners, Martin Mikoláš, assesses the collaboration during which the original request for a logo spurred the creation of a brand identity, complete with the brand guidelines, a website with original copywriting, photo shooting, and more.

The Housing Construction Cooperative in Púchov provides a wide range of services for apartment buildings; thus, we needed to create a website that would be comprehensive enough to include everything necessary. At the same time, it had to be simple and clear enough to understand. They have various types of clients. The head of Housing Construction Cooperative in Púchov – Pavol Hlušek, will tell you how we approached this project.

In the words of Eden Haus, manufacturers of low-energy prefabricated wooden houses: “When you enjoy what you do, you’ll do great.” Denis Ondrášek and Ľubomír Buchman talk about how satisfied they were with the redesign of the WordPress site, the creation of new content and also the presentation brochure.

To increase the number of reservations, we helped Pension SISI Puchov with registration on Result: profile in Booking at 100% and new reservations! More with the manager of the accommodation facility, Mrs Veronika Jancová.

PROPLUSCO is a recruitment agency that needed representative press materials when negotiating B2B clients. It was to be a folder in which each service would have its sheet. The leaflets ought to be particularly eye-catching. Did we manage to meet the goal? Veronika Karcolová talks about collaboration.

In the words of the owner of the travel agency Creotour “Lemon Lion, an excellent choice. Every assignment is done precisely to my requirements. The combination of a high level of professionalism with the human approach of employees paves the way for further cooperation. I recommend it to anyone who needs the best outcome”.

Due to a lack of employees, GIMAX participated in the Profesia Days 2018 exhibition on May 17, 2018, in Žilina. Shortly before the exhibition itself, GIMAX managers approached us with the need for presentation materials. We managed to do a lot. The client was delighted with our approach and the quality of the resulting materials. He, therefore, agreed to leave us a video testimonial.

Radek Matoška, ​​a multiple champion of Slovakia, Germany, and a multiple world champion in enduro, organizes motorbike rides. Assignment: Design and develop a website with a simple system for registering for events and information for riders and participants. Click to learn how this project proceeded.

Erika Linderová, the owner of the Valentines Wedding Center, tells, in short, the results of our 10-year cooperation, how the collaboration with us takes place and what she likes most about it. You will also hear the challenges that arose before the last redesign of the look and content of the website.

After founding their i-Reality brand, they needed to find an advertising agency that will work for them better personally and be more prompt. In the testimonial, you will hear what is paramount for the customer as i-Reality when creating a new website and what the client paid the most attention to. The owner Marek Korený will tell you more.

Please take a look at the testimonial in which we show how we helped communicate the benefits of unique cast stoves SAHARA to potential customers in the form of a case study. The client was so satisfied with the collaboration that he agreed to shoot this video testimonial.

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