Web Development

We will advise you on what type of website you need and manage your tailored project. You will be able to edit the website yourself.

More about building webpages or check our portfolio

Corporate videos and photography

Professional will take pictures of your products, operation, shop or hotel. We will create a corporate video, a story that will bring your business closer to your customers.

More about photography. See also Video testimonials.

Google and Facebook Advertising

Reach your potential customers where they spend their time the most. We will make Google or Facebook ad with which you can increase or promote your sales.

More about Facebook advertising.

Company logos, flyers or catalogues

We will design graphics for print or digital. We will arrange the production of catalogues, leaflets and make a complete design manual of the company's logo.

We will advise you. Discuss with you where your customers are located. Then we take care of everything you need to get new customers and orders.
Brand Building

The brand consists of much more than just a logo. We design the appropriate name, find out who your customers are, what is the main advantage that distinguishes you. In addition to the logo, we create a corporate identity and we define the complete rules for communicating the brand in the manual of how to use your brand. It's much more than just a design manual.

Web or e-commerce development

To build a digital presence on the Internet, you need to start with a web page. At Lemon Lion, we'll develop a web page that will clearly support the building of your brand and relate to the company identity. It will have a unique and modern look that adapts to your phone, tablet and will have an encrypted connection (SHTML, SSL) and will be ready for SEO.

Copywriting for web pages

At Lemon Lion, we take copywriting very seriously. We care about making your site move upwards in Google. We write engaging content for your site. Our copywriters will interview you, create copy, and use the right keywords for successful SEO. Content is placed on the web by skilled designers.

How we write copy for web sites.
Copywriting projects.

Photographing your products and your business

The reason why some websites look amazing and others not can often be traced back to their unprofessional of straight out nasty photos. We do care a lot about professional photography. But why stay with photos only? With the use of modern media we can help with sales. The next step can be a virtual tour of your space or 3D product photography for e-commerce.

More about photography.

Corporate videos or animated designs

Video is today one of the most effective ways to attract potential clients. For other forms of advertising, it is about seconds, but with video it is different. A good story can be watched up to the end. How about to start with the story of your brand? We will help from the script, through the storyboarding to the creation of a video marketing strategy.

Advertising in Google and Facebook

We will create a Google campaign and monitor it regularly to make it as efficient as possible. If you advertise in Google for the fist time, you will receive extra credit! A professional Facebook profile that matches your brand will be promoted by advertising, which we design and maintain with you. However, we usually do not constrain our efforts only with on-line advertising.

About advertising on Facebook.

We have become a Premier Google Partner. This means that team members who take care of your Ads accounts are certified by Google. We have access to new advertising tools up to a year before they are accessible publicly. If you’re troubleshooting, you don’t have to wait in the queue.