Lucia Šarišská

Account manager

Lucia is usually the first person with whom you deal at Lemon Lion. She is an account manager. This means that she has the best overview of the projects being developed and provides seamless communication between the clients and members of the Lemon Lion team.

Copywriting, writing the advertising copy

Lucia will actively communicate with you during the writing of your copy. It may be texts for a new or redesigned website, as well as advertising copy for print. Lucia will guide you through the whole process.

Domains and Accounts

Lucia takes care of the smooth operation of administrative activities, such as the registration of new domains and accounts. She will advise you when you need a name for the new domain. She will help you handle all the transactions associated with invoices.

Grafický dizajnér Andrej Cibík

Andrej Cibík

Graphic design, UI/UX

Andrei is a graphic designer. At Lemon Lion, he creates, in particular, the look of web pages but that is not all of his work. Mostly, he is the person with whom you will most often communicate during the process of preparing your new website. As a front-end programmer, he is responsible for programming website graphics from images into code—the look of a web page. Also, he is the person who will train you to manage your new website.

Creating prints

In addition to on-line design, Andrej is also working on printed materials such as brochures, flyers and catalogues. His strength lies in the ability to design wonderful logos. His talent, traditional drawing, contributes to that. Andrej’s work on your logo begins with a detailed interview from which spring into being unique graphic designs done with pencil on paper, which are then converted into a digital form.

On-line marketing špecialista Jana Krajčovič

Jana Krajčovič

Managing of Facebook pages

Jana advises you on choosing the appropriate type of Facebook page: For a shop, e-commerce or for providing services. These she then creates and manages. Daily creating interesting content for them.

Facebook campaigns

On Facebook, she creates and manages advertising campaigns with goals such as increase website traffic, attract new customers to the store, get new fans for a Facebook page or sell as many products as possible—creating and managing Facebook stores. She also owns the Google partner certificate.

On-line marketing špecialista Gabriela Štrbáňová

Gabriela Štrbáňová

Campaigns in Google Ads

Gabriela is responsible for designing, preparing, implementing and optimizing your advertising campaigns in Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords). She selects the appropriate types of campaigns, prepares and analyzes keywords, creates advertising texts, and takes care of the right focus—so that ads are seen by the right people, your potential clients. She continually optimises campaigns, controls how many clicks you have recorded, based on this then sets pricing for the clicks, tracks the number of orders, and positions on which ads are displayed. In short, performance marketing (PPC; pay-per-click). Owns all the certificates that Google offers.

Branding — Brand creation

You will also meet Gabriela during the creation of your new brand. It’s her strong attribute. Creating mission, vision, target groups, developing your marketing strategy. The foundations for this work were already acquired during her university studies.

Copywriter Kristína Lišková

Kristína Lišková

Copywriting, writing the advertising copy

Kristína writes advertising copy. You’ll have a chance of meeting her as early as the first interview before copywriting. You will be asked what services or merchandise you are selling. She’ll guide you through the whole process of making the copy and you will be most in touch with her.

Website administration

In addition to writing the content for your website (or a catalogue or flyer for that measure), Kristína will help you put the new content onto your webpage.

Art Director Martin Faktor

Martin Faktor

Art directing

Martin’s task is to transform the idea or atmosphere, that the client with the account manager wants to achieve, into the elements of effective visual communication. This usually means visualizing graphics concepts before the first graphic designs arise. Every day he communicates with members of a creative team who work on your project and oversees it, so it’s successfully completed. His most common task is to make sure the client’s message is being consistently communicated across all visual media.

Corporate video
lioCARD and Post Manager (Evidencia Pošty)
Programmer Slavomír Hošták

Slavomír Hošták

Back-end programming
Internet marketing

Owns the Google Partner certificate.

Business Guru Branislav Lipták

Branislav Lipták

Programátor Ondrej Sňahničan

Ondrej Sňahničan

Web hosting and domain registration
E-mail services
Back-end programming

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