Kristína Štrbáňová

Kristina Štrbáňová

Account manager

Kristina is in charge of all administrative work, office management and communication with clients. She will solve all problems and questions with you or direct you to a colleague who will answer/advise you. She communicates price estimates and helps us with the management of projects we are currently working on. Kristína will incorporate any additional requirements and ensure that our colleagues are kept in accord with their tasks.

Domains and accounting

If you ask about the invoice or need to modify it, contact Kristina. She handles all economic matters in this line of inquiry. In addition to bookkeeping, she will register a new domain for you or create email addresses for your employees. She maintains our domain registrar records and facilitates domain transfers.

Irina Gazetdinova

Graphic design, UI/UX

Irina is a graphic designer. Irina is a graphic designer. She chiefly designs the appearance of the websites, but she’s got more up her sleeve. Being usually the person you will communicate with most often while preparing a new website. She develops websites on CMS WordPress and also those working on our in-house developed CMS lioWEB. She will also design graphics for any marketing campaign you will launch on Google or Facebook.

Creation and administration of websites

Our colleague is handy and proficient in WordPress systems, based on which she will build and launch your new website. Tuning it to your satisfaction and, at the same time, ensure that the result corresponds to ideas that you approved at the beginning of the project. If you need to add new information to the website or edit those already there, Irina will provide it for you. She administers content on WordPress pages and advises you where to place new content. She will put it on in an engaging way and will be happy to teach you to do it for yourself.

Creating prints

In addition to websites, Irina also designs print materials such as brochures, leaflets and catalogues. She will carry on with you the entire process and prepare materials for printing. She’s got a talent for digital illustration, and her graphic designs will look stunning.

Brand building

If you are building a visual identity or your brand, contact Irina to tell you how to take upon your ideas. Irina will create a logo for you or prepare a complete design manual for your new brand.

Copywriter Kristína Lišková

Kristína Lišková


Kristína writes texts for catalogues, brochures, leaflets, various articles – print and digital. Her work begins with an interview about services and products to understand the topic she will be writing. She does not specialize in any area. Just explain the issue and listen to her questions. She wrote for nuclear power plant builders, cattle breeders, an engineering factory, a tailor’s workshop, a hotel laundry or a heating and air ventilation systems installer. Kristína also helps with video content creation.

Website administration

Kristína knows how much content to put on every page of your website, how to make it engaging, whether it will be necessary to put a button here or there and what description it should hold. Her work starts with the writing copy itself. She will make it easier for you to imagine the future content of your webpage. Kristína also does web administration: she uploads content and makes changes to it. She can put it on aesthetically and make sure the visitors can read it comfortably on all screens. You can consult most changes with her by phone.

Social networks content creator

As part of a campaign, Kristína will create posts for Facebook and plan their promotion. She manages Facebook pages for customers and, at the same time, helps Slavomír with the management and registration of all Facebook activities under our agency. She will set up a page on Facebook for your company if you do not dare to do so yourself. Kristína also helps our clients with Google My Business profiles – she either creates or updates them.

Martin Faktor


Martin’s strong point is selling our products. We will not lie to you, but after communicating with Martin, our clients often choose entirely different services than they originally wanted. The reason is that Martin helps assess the client’s needs, evaluates the current situation and design campaigns with the overall business goals in mind. Martin knows where to look for a solution when one is not apparent. When you visit our office, he is often the first to welcome you and talk to you.

Graphic design

Martin leads our team of graphic designers and web designers, and at the same time, he devotes himself to graphic design. He invents effective visual communication for clients. Martin builds brands. You will benefit from his years of practice, education and experience. He keeps constant communication between clients and team members. The client does not have to come to us with an idea. He needs to say what he is missing. Martin will present the whole strategy easy for the client to understand and keep his brand’s visual communication uniform.


If you need to take high-quality photos of your products, premises or employees, contact our colleague. Martin will deliver the best product or portrait photography in our studio. It is not a problem for him to travel to you to photograph on location—for example, real estate photography or even food styling at your restaurant. We offer photographic services to hotels, restaurants, manufacturing companies or newly opened stores, which need photos for further promotion. Martin, the photographer, is an uncompromising perfectionist.

Video production

You will benefit from the talents of our colleague when creating a video. Martin produces the whole gig. He organizes the production, sets up the lights, captures the necessary footage, and does the post-production. Together with Kristína, they will sit down for the storyboarding and the video’s script or write copy for the voice-over. Martin has a sense for harmonizing what you see, hear and has a good intuition of what the video should convey to its audience. He will help you with short product videos and introduce your business with its services. If you need videos to share on social networks, it won’t be a problem to create them.

Slavomír Hošták

Internet marketing

Colleague Slavomír is an excellent campaign manager in Google Ads. He has the Google Partner certificate badge. Years of experience have made him a top marketing advisor for customers who need to advertise on Google. In addition to campaigns, he also advises clients on what they should change in their business, what to add to the website, and how to make their campaigns bring superior numbers, success, and earnings. Slavomír has an overview of the competition and its marketing practices. He will also plan and set up your Facebook campaign.

Back-end programming

Slavomír is our main back-end programmer. He developed our in-house content management system (CMS) lioWEB. Not only has he designed it, but he regularly tunes it to meet all the functionality requirements that come from our clients. Slavomír was born with a mind for programming. He follows the motto that everything can be invented and programmed.

Branislav Lipták


Our colleague Branislav sells our products and services. He is the oldest and most experienced of us professionally. Every day he meets entrepreneurs, he knows their problems well and understands them. He has an excellent overview of your competition and which advertising activities will align with your customers and why. Branislav will listen carefully and, together with our team, will come up with a solution. We must not forget that Branislav gives valuable advice during the session, which we recommend listening to, or even writing down.


Branislav is our economic director and carries on his shoulders all the worries and joys that flow from this work. Together with account manager Kristina, they assess individual price offers and manage corporate finances’ internal operation.

Advertising production

Branislav will be happy to advise you on what promotional items you need and how they will fit your campaign. Branislav’s technical expertise lies chiefly in materials and the possibilities of printing, building and construction of advertising signage. In a well-equipped workshop, our colleague has extensive experience in the production and printing of advertising materials: billboards, banners, tarps, various corporate promotional items, printing T-shirts, car stickers, shop windows or rubber stamps.

Ondrej Sňahničan

Web hosting and domain registration

Ondrej is in charge of the administration of web hosting services, emails and domain management. He takes care of their proper functioning. He facilitates domain registrar changes, technical administration, maintenance and setup. He can help find you a domain with a good name or transfer domains. Ondrej can also suggest how much hosting space you need for the website and emails to have a smooth performance.

E-mail services

Colleague Ondrej will set up the email inboxes that you and your employees want to use. He is ready to arrange for you to migrate emails from another company to us, often a complex process. However, Ondrej will explain everything clearly. He is also thinking about unpredictable situations, and he always has several solutions up his sleeve. He works as technical support for email services, and if our clients have problems with how email works for them, they have to call us and contact Ondrej.

Back-end programming

Ondrej also forms a team of our back-end programmers. Designs and programs web systems – websites, e-commerce, loyalty cards systems. He was at the birth of the lioCARD loyalty card management system and the Evidencia posty (Post manager). Together with Slavomír, they form a programming team, to which we assign the search for solutions to problems that the rest of the team cannot cope with. Ondrej keeps all our internal systems and the systems of our customers in good condition.