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Videospot “Heat pump and air recuperation STIEBEL ELTRON”

STIEBEL ELTRON approached us with the idea of making a promotional video. They installed a heat pump and air recuperation into the household of the Juršták family. We showed in one spot top-of-the-line products and the level of services delivered

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Motion graphics spot “Experience Púchov” for the exhibition stand at ITS SLOVAKIATOUR 2020

We inspired hundreds of visitors of ITS SLOVAKIATOUR 2020, which took place in Incheba, Bratislava, to visit Púchov with the spot “Experience Púchov”. All done within the in-house team of Lemon Lion.

About the project

The app for selling real estate and property, which helped kick-start sales

Our tenacious client decided to build an apartment building near Považská Bystrica, Slovakia. Apartments and adjacent property needed to start selling as soon as possible. He approached us with this project. Read more, if you want to know how we ignited the sales of land and apartments for the developer with the help of our app.

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Redesign of the brand for the hotel chain Sisi

We have participated in the redesign of the brand’s network of our client. The change was not simple and related to all the components of marketing communication. The resulting redesign was at the end the result of close cooperation between several advertising agencies and the client itself.

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Rebranding Chirdia

We helped show the human face and communicate the peculiar nature of the one day surgery center.

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Brand building of Ekosad

We have created a brand for a young company that organically grows blueberries and lavender.

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Cast Iron Stoves Sahara

We have helped communicate the merits of unique stoves to potential customers.

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Map for the city of Púchov

We helped create a new, more practical map for the tourist and other needs of the city from legal map data.

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Our strengths
Web Development

Developing websites is our passion. Most of the projects we have been working on or work on now are about building websites and managing online marketing campaigns. We will develop a stunning website for your business. It will have a modern look, responsive design and will be easy to maintain. Copywriting content is one of our strong sides. In addition to development, we manage and update our client’s web pages. We are doing projects for local partners and also for clients abroad.

Graphic design for flyers, catalogues, logos, billboards, storefronts

We have dedicated ourselves to the best design possible. Every day we help to visualise the ideas of our clients for a plethora of purposes. Graphics for printed materials such as flyers, brochures, and catalogues intended to be informational, practical and exhaustive. We create logos that work marvellously with their brand and capture the essence of the company. We savour precise typography. We’ll align your site’s design with all of your other materials. We are telling stories about our clients with corporate videos with animated graphics. We can also help with corporate promotional items — mercantile.

Corporate video and photography of your company premises, products and staff

We will shoot and produce your corporate video telling the story of your business, products and people. We will create an advertising spot, help you with channels where to distribute it. We have our studio in Púchov, where we can shoot your products on a white background to shine on your e-shop page. We provide corporate photos of your employees, premises, or outdoor product photography. A modern photo will raise the level not only of your website but also of your advertising prints, for example, your business cards. We’ll make pictures that you can use to promote on Instagram, Facebook.

Online advertising on Google, advertising on Facebook

By advertising with Google (PPC campaign), you reach clients on the Internet who don’t know you yet. By advertising with Google (PPC campaign), you reach clients on the Internet who don’t know you yet. Google advertising will help you sell your products, services, find new customers, or stay in touch with current customers. Facebook advertising will promote your sales and build a community that will follow your news, products, and stories. We will prepare and run your ad campaign on Google Ads (previously AdWords). We will create a company Facebook profile and help you manage your Facebook account and ads.

Marketing Consultancy

Do you need to start or move on? Sometimes you need to look at your business from a different perspective. We provide consultancy in the field of business, management and marketing. We organize employee training, create and build brands, look for what makes your market different from your competitors. Each member of our team is an expert in their field and is ready to advise you. Just visit us in Púchov or arrange a meeting.

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