Brand redesign for the Sisi hotel chain.

We have participated in the redesign of the brand’s network of our client. The change was not simple and related to all the components of marketing communication. The resulting redesign was at the end the result of close cooperation between several advertising agencies and the client itself.

About the project

Rebranding Chirdia

We helped to show the human face and communicate the peculiar nature of the one day surgery center.

About the project

Brand building Ekosad

We have created a brand for a young company that organically grows blueberries and lavender.

About the project

Sahara Cast Iron Stoves

We have helped to communicate the merits of unique stoves to potential customers.

About the project

Map for the city of Púchov

We helped create a new, more practical map for the tourist and other needs of the city from legal map data.

About the project

Further demonstrations of our work can be found in the referencessection.

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Our strengths

Building websites

Developing websites is our passion. Most of the projects on which we worked were somehow related to the Internet and contained a web or e-commerce site. We are looking forward to create your website. It will have a modern look, responsive design, you would easily edit it’s contents and we help you with the creation of its content.

Graphic design for flyers, catalogues, logos, billboards, storefronts

We are a graphic design studio. Graphic design is one of our strengths. Every day we create graphic design for clients for a variety of purposes. Most often we create graphics for prints such as logos, flyers, catalogs, storefront graphics or billboards. Our graphic designers are pursuing modern trends, digesting books about design, insist on pristine typography. We also create animated designs, such as the logos of our clients that we use in video spots.

Corporate video and photography of your company's premises, products and staff

Photography is our passion. Modern looking prints, billboards and web pages require perfect photos. We will photograph company premises, products on white background for e-commerce site or your employees — in our photo studio in Púchov, Slovakia. We’ll shoot a professional corporate video for your business.

On-line PPC ads on Google, advertising on Facebook

A large part of the communication strategies we have proposed for our clients included on-line advertising in Google Ads (AdWords) and on Facebook. Advertising on Google is the key to getting clients who are not yet aware of you at the place they visit most often.

Marketing Consultancy

Every member of our team is an expert in hers/his field — we are constantly learning. Years of meeting entrepreneurs and business managers have brought us many choices to take on business from a bird’s perspective. For this period we have built trust with our clients. We provide consultancy in the field of business, management and marketing. We organize employee training.

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