SISI animated logo

How we helped the SISI establishments with rebranding and how we animated their logo – a case study.

SISI is a group of hotels offering accomodation of different levels of comfort and one multi functional building. They have changed the range of offered services and therefore required reevaluation of their marketing communication.

Because of non-uniform company branding, they decided to undergo an extensive rebranding. The challenge for us was to create an intriguing animated version of logo, respecting the new, unified, brand identity.

Inspired by the logo, we used straight lines and square shape. The speed and dynamics of animation movements fit into the rythm of music and used colors stem from the comapany’s design manual.

In Lemon Lion we create original animations. That is why the process started with sketching. Later, we have created a script, which was being revised and based on which, have we created a final version of the video for each of SISI establishments. Animations are an important part of all videos we create for our clients. Corporate video usually contains some of these: intro with animated logo, transitions between separate parts of the story, captions in the bottom part of the screen and YouTube ending screen.

The result of our work is up to you to judge. We achieved to make an animated version of SISI logo, which fits perfectly to the brand identity of SISI. Simple and efficient animation of the logo is a good addition to corporate video and is original (not from a template). Thanks to well crafted branding, it helps to distinguish each hotel and improves the broader marketing strategy.

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