Cast iron stoves Sahara

How we helped communicate the advantages of unique stoves to potential customers – a case study.

Sahara is a manufactory producer from Dubnica nad Váhom who creates unique iron cast stoves — thanks to the use of traditional procedures. The client asked us to print a brochure. Our goal was to introduce the stoves through their benefits what we hoped would better appeal to the target audience. In the preparation of the project, however, we identified the following problems of previous marketing communication.

The client knew to whom had been able to sell the stoves so far, but the previous marketing has focused on the fact that the stoves produced only heat. Nothing more. Cast iron stoves Sahara, before they came to us, were not visually communicated and had no brand identity. Given that these stoves were a premium product in both their target customers and price, we have highlighted this as a significant shortcoming.

Ukážka z prvej fázy prípravy loga Sahara
Finálna verzia loga Sahara so znázornenou ochrannou zónou.

After identifying the problems, we proposed the strategy. Before designing the brochures, we advised the client to create an essential component of a brand identity — a logo with a design manual. As the next step, we proposed to define who the potential clients are; Who has bought their stoves so far? Do ordinary people or businesses buy them?

It helped us to determine what style of communication could reach potential customers. We have proposed to focus communication on exciting benefits ​for the target group – other than that they produce heat. After all, the stoves are suitable for baking and frying. They have a rare cylindrical design, and a unique technological feature – paraboloid. Original hunting motives decorate their surface. The client has not communicated these features before. Customers compared the stoves only based on a price which was premium and thus more difficult to justify.

The result of our partnership was a logo for the brand Cast iron stoves Sahara, along with which we created a design manual. By stating the weaknesses in communication and clarifying who the customers are, what they might be interested in, we were able to copywrite new texts for a brochure. They expressed the product’s extraordinary features. With professional photography, we did not forget to focus on the details of the stoves. We delivered printed brochures to the client.

The text of the brochure after the copywriter finished his job.

“Cast iron stoves Sahara® combine centuries-old knowledge of smelting masters and state-of-the-art 21 st-century manufacturing techniques. Hunting motifs decorate their surface. Thanks to the paraboloid feature and other components in their heart, they provide heat all night from the load of 6 kg of dry wood – on reduced power output. These unique stoves aren’t just a source of heat, even if they produce it very efficiently. Easily prepare pizza or pancakes with your family and friends – in the comfort of your home or the hotel. Use the inner oven can for roasting meat or cooking pies. Also, check out simple, practical recipes in the “Tips and Tricks” section of our website.

By using traditional manufacturing methods, these unique stoves will continue to work for the next 300 years. They will gratefully become the heart of any space – if you care enough about it. Let your offsprings inherit an artistic artefact with a unique character – that will still work and bring joy and warmth to them. Just load dry wood and empty the ash collector. Cast iron stoves Sahara® are produced by manufactory producer in Dubnica nad Váhom, in the heart of Europe, Slovakia. Don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions. “


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The original text

“300-year-old cast iron stoves of old masters continue to function reliably until today. Based on their proven practices and experience, we produce Cast iron stoves Sahara for you. The industrial design protects some of the components of the stoves.”

Point of Sale Marketing Materials

Some sellers were not able to stock the product. It was their wish to be able to write the prices by hand. The panel’s width is two meters. We had two viewing distances in mind. Store visitors capture the primary information even from a distance. For those interested, there is a second layer of smaller but richer information when viewing from proximity. The QR code contains the address of the client’s website, where potential customers can get the most detailed information about the product.

The satisfied client agreed to make this recommendation on a video.
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