Catalogue Medical Clothing Perlička

We have created a catalogue of clothing for the traditional Slovak manufacturer of medical clothing Perlička.

Perlička is a traditional Slovak manufacturer of medical clothing from Trenčín, Slovakia. They sell products on-line and off-line — with the help of salesmen. The client asked us to create a catalogue of clothing for his dealers. So we started working on the catalog cover immediately. The original intention was greatly simplified, the client insisted on a minimalist spirit with which we quickly identified.

Together with the client, we thought about how to show each product in its entirety and detail in a small area. It was necessary to see details and different colour combinations, which were really abundant for some products. The challenge facing us was how to fit two products on each side. Each with a large photo with one or several small descriptions and samples of colour combinations.

This compilation of colour combinations ultimately proved to be the most challenging part of the catalogue. Each product had a unique combination of colour variations and stripes. Rarely did two products have the same colour combination on one page. You can see how the catalogue came up with the attached photos.

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