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Provider of top heating, ventilation, cooling and thermal insulation in Slovakia.

Project website (SK)

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Provider of top heating, ventilation, cooling and thermal insulation in Slovakia.

Project website (SK)

The setting

The client approached us with his website already up and running. They wanted to communicate the fact that their company is one of a few in the region which covers wide-ranging services; underfloor heating, screed floors, blown insulation, air conditioning and heating, heat recovery, water and plumbing. The most significant benefit being the all in one package where you get only one company responsible instead of several; often resulting in blaming each other in the case when something has gone awry.

Our analysis

Although the client’s site looked modern, close inspection revealed significant shortcomings: the content creator filled pages with irrelevant illustrations, graphic elements were moving around with over the top transitions. Above all, he wrote the copy itself very poorly – unclear, misunderstood. The site didn’t use the client’s logo, fonts, neither colours. On the technical side, the design was unresponsive, which was a significant downside on today’s market. Also, the client’s team could not manage their website through the administration.

In the case of the Facebook profile, the shortcomings were similar to the webpage: the brand wasn’t correctly displayed, nor the rest of the graphics were consistent colour/type-wise. The name of the Facebook page did not correspond to the brand name, and the profile didn’t contain all the information.

The strategy

Occasionally, there were situations where we did not erase the previous website, we’ve seen WordPress done well and used it, but this was not the case. We were going to build the site from scratch. Since we collaborate on the brand building of the client’s other projects, we were going to make sure, the brand was communicated clearly and consistently throughout the project. With a professionally written copy: clear, relevant and using keywords, we were going to start the Google Ads campaign and also revamp the Facebook profile.

What have we done

We rewrote the website copy

After the copywriter finished his job, maybe three paragraphs from the original texts left relatively unchanged. We threw away the rest. The client’s team was very forward coming, and we debriefed them extensively. It helped us to understand their profession deeply. After that, we were able to write about each of these technical services from a client’s perspective. What are the benefits of choosing the client’s company? We also included general information about the systems and when to consider them – the general benefits.

The noteworthy achievement was a complete overhaul of the case studies section. There were more than eighty. Every one of them got a few paragraphs of text; the location and scope of the work — all containing the relevant keywords.

We developed a new website

The client had their brand redesigned and consolidated. In the scope of the project, the most visible part was the new logo, the colour palette and typography. We applied all of these correctly and built a modern-looking, mobile-first, responsive webpage. We managed the project in-house, which gave us needed freedom for the graphic designer to set the copy and contents onto the pages. For example, he created a new set of icons and used them instead of the confusing schematics—for greater visual clarity and attractiveness of the content.

We overhauled the Facebook profile

With the Facebook profile, the biggest problem was the unsuitable name of the profile. Changing the profile name of the Facebook profile is not straight forward. There are rules and timeframes which we had to adhere to. Nevertheless, we managed to change it—successfully. We also changed the graphics of the profile; it’s now consistent with the brand. The client decided to take care of the Facebook propagation by their team, so we prepared just the first eight posts and propagated them.




We plan for future content

A significant change happened at the level of the company culture. We instructed the client on how to prepare for and ask testimonials, always think about communicating relevant information; and what is the relevant information. We developed ways about how to inform us about what they plan: like investing in new equipment, adding more services and so on; and what they need to tell their customers. In this way, they’ll give us the cannon fodder for the content creating in the foreseeable future.

We kicked off Google Ads remarketing campaign

When all of the project parts were ready, we designed the online advertising campaign which retargeted customers who already visited the client’s site. The radius was seventy kilometres as this was the reasonable distance according to the client’s capabilities. The target group were those who searched for all of the keywords involving services offered by the client.

The feedback

The client reported that they noticed a significant increase in getting the new leads coming from the website. Also, the reaction to the changes from the client’s customers was thoroughly positive.

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