Logo motion graphics Eden Haus

Logo motion graphics Eden Haus

Eden Haus is a manufacturer and builder of prefabricated low-energy wooden houses. Since the times are moving to everything video, we have to communicate the brand concisely throughout the entire online video presence. This project’s scope was to create an animated version of the client’s logo—for the upcoming video spots.



The constraints


Working under some set of constraints is usually beneficial for my creative process, so here was mine. I definitively needed an animation able to loop itself in a short time. I needed something quick enough to start and finish any video spot. But then, not too short. I pitched something more than simple animated letters. I planned to show a promise behind the brand.



The process


After some storyboarding, five seconds looked about right for me. One second for in and out states, two for a logo to come into view and be scanned. Finally, about one more second for something that will connect the animated letters with the promise behind the brand.



The visual elements


The client had already established the visual identity. So it wasn’t a logo design job. I realised that the letters remind me of a house. A modern one, exactly like those being build by the client. Since the client doesn’t want to fight the lowest price battle, he must be selling something more than a house. This something is a promise of a functioning and harmonious home you get after you build the house, a home for your loved ones.


With every house they make goes a green garden. Here was the idea I’ve been searching for. Few trees, maybe a bench to visually connect the promise with graphical elements. The green sun didn’t work well, but the simplistic clouds moving slower added a pleasant parallax effect to the background. The perfect place next to your house built in a matter of days instead of months.


The rest of it was easy—keyframes, timing and easing curves in After Effects. All is done.

Storyboard Martin&nbsb;Faktor
Motion graphics Martin Faktor
Agency Lemon&nbsb;Lion, SK