Successful Flash Campaign for ENSECO in All For Power

Mockup inzerátu spoločnosti ENSECO pre časopis All For Power, vytvorený agentúrou Lemon Lion za menej ako jeden deň

At Lemon Lion advertising agency, we recently faced an intense challenge – to create a striking advertisement for ENSECO in a concise timeframe. The original advertiser dropped out, and we were tasked with filling an important advertising space on the back cover of All For Power magazine, aimed at professionals in the energy industry, which can be found at


Thanks to our previous work with ENSECO and their brand usage guide, which provided clear design guidelines, including photo grid placement and logo placement, we could efficiently create a visually appealing and brand-aligned design. This approach enabled us to respond quickly and create an ad seamlessly integrated graphic elements with textual content.


We paid utmost attention to the text. Given that All For Power offers its readers in-depth professional analyses, we needed to create informative and engaging content. We chose the headline and subheadline to reflect ENSECO’s brand values and invite readers to explore further, recognizing that our target audience seeks more than just catchy slogans.


The result was a well-crafted A4 page featuring a headline, subheadline, and text paragraph about ENSECO’s wide range of services and the values clients benefit from. This ad reflected the brand’s key aspects and highlighted the advantages of collaborating with ENSECO. Our work resulted from close collaboration with the client and a commitment to create content that engages and informs the target audience.


Links to the design manual and other promotional materials used in creating the ad are available on the ENSECO brand usage guide page and the ENSECO promotional materials page.


The lesson from this project is clear – with flexibility, speed, and a focus on brand values, Lemon Lion can create significant advertising content even under time pressure. We are proud to have received positive feedback from the client ENSECO and the editorial team of All For Power magazine. Our work again confirmed that Lemon Lion is a reliable partner even in challenging situations.

Author of the text Martin Faktor
Art-directing Martin Faktor
Graphic design Martin Faktor
Agency Lemon Lion