UniElectroPuchov – Light Up Christmas ad campaign.

UNI electro material is a wholesale electrical equipment dealer. They also run the self-service store selling lamps and electrical wiring.
The campaign’s goal was straight forward: We need to get more people into the company’s store. So, we created the “Light Up Christmas” campaign for the customer. It consisted of the following parts.
We also run the advertising campaign in the relevant newspaper and magazines.
Campaign landing page.
Sandwich board standing in front of the shop changed twice – for two of the advertised items.
One of the advertising billboards. We lit them with the same lasers as advertised – wherever possible. Where we could not lit the board, roads, for example, we tried to suggest it with the photo.
We targeted potential visitors with the help of the Facebook ad campaign. Company’s Facebook page got matching campaign header.
I want you to come up with catchy campaign for me.