Brochures for the work agency ProPlusco

We have created five brochures for the work agency ProPlusco which will help their staff with B2B communication. We also made the folder for these materials.
What made this project unique was the harmony of our staff of copywriters and clients team. We made many revisions of the copy so that the result is the complete overhaul of the previous agency communication.
The materials are in harmony with the client’s brand guidelines. Martin Kolba made some of the beautiful corporate shots, which play an essential role in the success of this project.


Client: ProPlusco
Project coordinator: Veronika Karcolová
Art direction: Martin Faktor
Graphic design: Andrej Cibík
Copywriting: Kristína Lišková
Photography: Martin Kolba + stock photos.

I want you to help me with company brochures as well.