Creating responsive e-mail signatures

E-mail communication is for many the most important communication channel. It plays an essential role in the first impression of your client. Similarly to a business card, if you use it correctly.

— Martin Faktor, Art Director @ Lemon Lion

To your e-mail signature

In our opinion, an e-mail is the most used communication channel of the company towards business partners and also final customers. It is the most visible. The company should, therefore, devote appropriate attention to its development. Above all, it should explicitly relate to your corporate identity, as defined in your brand guidelines. It is common to see somebody just pasted the logo and approximately twenty lines of phones, addresses, and billing information at the end of each message. Nevertheless, the professional e-mail signature we will create will be much more sophisticated, thought through and efficient.

When we talk about an e-mail signature, we mean a piece of HTML code that an e-mal client attaches after the body of a message you send or forward it. Professional e-mail signature can be used from most desktop mail clients (Apple Mail, MS Outlook, Thunderbird) as well as on most mobile phones and tablets. Sadly, you cannot fully utilize the supplied code in webmail applications like RoundCube or Google Mail, but we have devised some clever workarounds for these situations.

Designed by experienced graphic designers

Graphic designers, who suggest the appearance of e-mail signatures, have years of experience and a robust portfolio. If possible, they would choose to create the graphics based on the supplied branding or design manual. If you do not have an e-mail signature appearance defined in brand guidelines, we will work it out following the brand appearance.

Years of experience

We have been learning how to create perfect e-mail signatures for years. Over this period, we’ve found out what works — what information is worth prioritizing. We are used to finding the ideal ratio between size and amount of information. Even without the brand guidelines, we can express the essence of your brand and apply it to your e-mail signature.

Flawless display on all screens

The e-mail signature will be programmed to adjust the layout of the information on the screen according to where it appears. In a desktop mail client window, the e-mail signature is usually organized into several columns but appears as a single column on the mobile phone. We recognise the limitations of older mail clients. Thus, our e-mail signature code was programmed accordingly.

Precise typographic work

An experienced graphic designer always designs the e-mail signature that we deliver. The core of the work lies mainly in communicating the complex information in the most concise manner possible — that is typically the work of a typographer. So our love for typography comes in handy. We are used to finding the ideal balance between an idea in your design manual and what the e-mail technology can withstand.

Professional business portrait

Years of experience with corporate clients have taught us what their other needs are. Credibility is one of the most frequently sought. E-mail signatures with photos of communication team members are ideal for this. We have a photographic studio and offer business portrait photography, which we incorporate into an e-mail signature.

Solution for Roundcube and Gmail

We also address the impossibility of attaching a fully-fledged e-mail signature to webmails running Roundcube and Google Mail. Aforementioned do not allow us to insert HTML signatures with full functionality. Aforementioned do not allow us to insert HTML signatures with full functionality. Thus, besides other advantages and disadvantages of these e-mail browsers, we have to approach this by falling-back to simpler technologies. We’we got you covered.

Consultancy with implementation and settings

To fully implement the e-mail signature, we will advise you how to set it up correctly in your mobile phone and also in the desktop application of the mail client. For example, whether to set an e-mail signature above or below the quoted message. It is essential with email communication — for all to follow the answers as clearly as possible. You will find guides and advice on e-mail signatures on our blog.

Test your responsiveness on the smartphone.


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