Protective Workwear and Safety Gear catalogue was a project encompassing branding, product photography, copywriting, and graphic design for print. We have accomplished it with our agency’s in-house team.
After the initial briefing with the client, we all agreed that the project needed not just engaging photographs. What was also needed was the right copy: one that would fit the situation – Sales person meeting with the B2B customer.
Thus our copywriters went on with their craft. Another part of the team staged the photoshoots for the cover page and products. It was a lot of fun!
Next, we designed the contents of the catalogue with existing brand guidelines in mind. The hardest part was to find such a grid that would allow clear differentiation of four products on a spread. Strict typography grid helped a lot.
I always prefer to leave the cover page for the end of a project. So Now was the time to do it. We gave it some sleep and came to a nice and simple one — together with the client.

Thank you for reading.


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